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2x12 Speaker Cab | Unloaded | Salvaged Red Cedar

2x12 Speaker Cab | Unloaded | Salvaged Red Cedar

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Handmade 2x12 speaker cab (#39). I built this from an old antique red cedar chest I picked up at an estate sale.  I rarely make 2x12s anymore, mostly due to shop space constraints.  This one has been on hand for awhile (is red cedar too weird for folks?....), so it is now priced to move!

    • Designed for use with Guitar speakers only.
    • Primarily a 12" cab, but can be converted to a 10" cab when purchased with baffle converter (message me before ordering)
    • Wood Type: Salvaged Red Cedar
    • 3/4" Plywood Baffle (bolted and glued into cab, grill cloth is mounted on separate, thinner and removable baffle)
    • Recessed, Fabric Lined Handles (hard backed, bolted to cab)
    • Grill Cloth: Fender Blue Stripe (Mojotone), with blue piping.
    • Speaker Bolts included. Rear mounted, back panels removable for speaker install. You can use all 8 bolts or only 4. 
    • Pre-wired (red = positive), just toss a speaker in and go.
    • Dimensions (inches): h30.5/w16.5/d(bottom)12.25/d(top)11.5
    • Weight: 35.15lbs
    • Finished with water-based gloss poly
    • Shop policy: All speaker cabs ship via UPS to physical addresses only. No exceptions (apart from local pickup of course).
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