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2x12 Speaker Cab | Unloaded | Salvaged Mahogany

2x12 Speaker Cab | Unloaded | Salvaged Mahogany

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Handmade Speaker Cab (#46). Solid Salvaged Mahogany (with a salvaged oak centerpiece on the back).   Rear panels are removable for speaker install and various open/closed back options. Slight slanted front. Wiring included for dual input, or both speakers wired in series.

  • Designed for use with Guitar speakers only.
  • Primarily a 12" cab, but can be converted to a 10" cab when purchased with baffle converter (message me before ordering)
  • Wood Type: Solid Salvaged Mahogany
  • 3/4" Plywood Baffle (bolted and glued into cab, grill cloth is mounted on separate, thinner and removable baffle)
  • Recessed, Fabric Lined Handles (plywood backed, bolted to cab)
  • Grill Cloth: Fender Style Oxblood W/ Gold Stripe
  • Speaker Bolts included. Rear mounted, back panels removable for speaker install. 
  • Pre-wired (red = positive), just toss a speaker in and go, no soldering required.
  • Dimensions (inches): h22/w29.5/d(bot)12, d(top)11
  • Weight: 42lbs
  • Finished with water based gloss poly
  • Shop policy: All speaker cabs ship via UPS to physical addresses only. No exceptions (apart from local pickup of course-message me first).
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